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To E-File, you will need the Owner ID/Account ID and PIN number on your Notice of Appraised Value.

eFile makes it easy to settle your protest online.

We continue to push the boundaries of computer and other technologies to ensure better service and offer fair and equal market valuations of property in our county.  In the traditional system, you file a protest by mail and you will be notified of the date and time of your formal hearing with the ARB. When you arrive for your formal hearing you may submit your evidence in advance for review by an appraiser. After careful consideration of your evidence the appraiser may offer you a modified appraisal value. If you choose to accept the modified value, i.e., informal agreement, you will not have a formal hearing.  If we can't make an offer or you don't agree, you will go to your formal hearing.

In the eFile system, you file your protest online. You get an immediate confirmation that your protest has been filed. We will review your opinion of value and evidence.   If this analysis indicates a reduction is warranted, we’ll email you notice that you have a settlement offer available. You’ll need to log on to the district’s eFile website to indicate your acceptance. You’ll get immediate confirmation, and that is all there is to it. What if we can’t make an offer or you don’t agree? You’ll be scheduled to go straight to a hearing with the appraisal review board, which will independently examine the evidence. Most people still make a trip for that, but you can, if you choose, file your evidence by affidavit.



Here are the benefits of filing online:
Our application is pre-filled with the data from our records, which saves you time in filling out the form.

You will save time and money by not printing and mail the application to our office.
Get a confirmation email after your application has been received.
Fast application processing -- You will be able to view your exemptions on our website quicker.

In order to submit a homestead exemption application, your driver's license or state issued ID must show the property address.

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