The following forms are available for downloading and/or printing. These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Excel

Subdivision and Condominium Report

The Subdivision and Condominium Report is updated nightly and has the following information:
Subdivision ID: Sub ID beginning with A is a subdivision, Sub ID beginning with C is a condominium
Property ID: The identification of the original property from which subdivision or condominium was generated.
Description/Remarks: Name of the Subdivision or Condominium and comments
Year: Year created
Deed Number: Instrument Number filed to create subdivision or condominium subdivision
Lots: Number of units created at the time subdivision or condo was established
Acres: Number of acres
The Ag Activities Report is updated nightly and has information pertaining to Ag Exemption status.
Ag Application Request: TCAD sent the owner an application requesting current information
Ag Received App: Owner returned application to TCAD and it is under review
Ag Denied: Ag request denied based on history, intensity, lack of information or failure to respond to a reapplication request
Ag Rollback Initiated: TCAD determined a change-in-use of land with an Ag Exemption and sent a letter to the owner. The owner did  not protest change and the information has been forwarded to the tax office so that they may prepare a bill for rollback taxes.
Ag Information Request: TCAD sent a letter requesting additional information to complete the application
Ag Approved: Ag application received and approved
Ag Comment: Notes specific the particular PID

The Land Comment Report is updated nightly and has information pertaining to land which may include the following information:

Merge, Split and Delete
Value Changes
Deannex and Annex
Flood Plain

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